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is committed to serving your marriage and family through prayer, educational classes, podcast content, coaching, community events such as conferences and workshops, and by developing written resources that will impact you and your family for a lifetime.


If your marriage and blended family have been impacted by God’s ministry, Blended Kingdom Families, we would love the opportunity to partner with you to continue to help spread the Good News to blended families all over the world. 


Our hearts' desire is that every blended family would be touched by God’s word and experience who He is through Blended Kingdom Families. With your help and partnership, we commit our time and hearts' efforts to reach as many families as we can!

Blended Kingdom Families

Kingdom Collective

Sow & Harvest

Join the Kingdom Collective and become a partner that helps support our

initiative to reach marriages and blended families across the world!



What is the Kingdom Collective?

This is a movement and opportunity to come together as a powerful group of monthly donors on a mission to be a force that breaks generational divorce by equipping the church, marriages, teens, and children through spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental support.  You are the change the world needs to propel the restored family movement.  Collectively we can build the Kingdom and help save marriages and families spiritually and physically.



Building The Kingdom

Quarterly throughout the year, you will receive a Prophetic Prayer Card in the mail that will give you encouragement and blessings to declare over your life and family.  In addition, you will also receive a quarterly email with updates on the ministry and the impact of your monthly donation and partnership towards blended families everywhere. This will also include online access to download the image and prayer to your electronic devices.


When you join the Kingdom Collective and become a recurring monthly donor of any amount, you will receive a quarterly Prophetic Prayer Card in the mail, along with a link to download on your electronic devices!

As a bonus gift to anyone who gives a monthly donation of $35 or more, you will receive a BKF wristband. We provide two options, one with our mission verse Luke 1:37 or Kingdom Builder!


Be the Force!

Join our community today!

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Equipping Blended Families For A Lifetime!